What is Radically Transparent? Why Reputation Management and Monitoring?

What is Radically Transparent?
Radically transparent means being open and honest online, admitting mistakes, engaging stakeholders in discussions about you and your brands, and even revealing your internal processes. There is little censorship in the world of online social media – the community values raw truth. The internet community immediately comes down hard on those who employ conversation spin, control, manipulation, or spam. Anonymity is discouraged, and nearly all post to a conversation includes the real identity. On this new playing field, you need to be authentic or someone will discover the truth and you’ll be exposed to millions. Astute companies, such as Wired Magazine and Dell Computer, are taking it a step further and being radically transparent by revealing their internal processes. They engage customers, listen to them, make changes in company procedures and products, and report back in open forums via social media. 

Why Reputation Management and Monitoring?
Traditional word-of-mouth has long been considered one of the most powerful of market forces, and the social media made it public. “What’s new is the extent to which consumer opinion drives reputations,” said Andy Sernovitz in Fast Company. “ A third of the population has reviewed something online, and any of those reviews can be read by millions of people.” Social media are like word-of-mouth on steroids. Consider the following compelling facts:

Social Media Changed the Rules

Everyone is a publisher in the social media world of blogs, wikis, photos and video sharing, forums, and networks for meeting like-minded people. Social media are online tools and platforms that allow internet users to collaborate on content, share insights and experiences, and connect for business or pleasure. And we believe what we read from strangers in the social media: some 52% of survey respondents from developed nations said they find " a person like yourself" to provide the most credible information – equal only to the trust in doctors, and much higher than that from your CEO or company spokesperson (according to PR firm Edelman).

SEO for Reputation Management

You’re likely already familiar with search engine optimization (SEO) and it’s sibling, pay-per-click (PPC). SEO is often compared to online public relations (PR) – with your goal to influence Google into believing your web content is algorithmically the best match for any related search query.

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