Dofollow versus Nofollow

Please Explain to Me what is a Dofollow... 

“Do follow” is the opposite of “No-Follow”.  This no follow attribute comes into play with the posting of blog comments. The no-follow tag tells the search engines NOT to follow the link to any other web sites.

The logic behind using no follow is, it’s good for the blog since there will be fewer outgoing links and therefore less “link bleed”, leading to better Google page rank. Using no follow also makes sense because there are blog spammers out there who will, and have, posted blog spam comments solely for the benefit of getting more incoming links to their site, which helps page rank. Do Follow blogs are going against the norm and turning the No-Follow tag off, enabling do-follow of out going comment links.

Why am I always look for Do-Follow?

You want people to comment on your blog posts. You want more of an interactive community. That’s what Web 2.0 is about – community, relationships, and user created content.

But, how do you encourage people to comment on your blog posts? You give them something in return. You give them an outgoing link to their website, when they make a quality comment on your blog. You also allow the search engine to follow that link to their website by using the do follow attribute.

You also need to let people know that you are a Do Follow Blog. Some visitors will have no idea what that means, but those who do know what it means will appreciate it and will often leave a comment.

How to check if the blog is  dofollow:

Steps: Example,
  1. Type in the address bar :
  2. Ctrl+U (viewing source code)
  3. Find this meta tag in the source code : <meta CONTENT='follow' name='robots'/> . If you  see this code it means that is a dofollow blog.
Easy steps, isn't it? 

Now, What is a Nofollow Blog?

The main objective of setting a blog into nofollow is to "Prevent Spamming", for me thats the bottom line. However, there are some other reasons, here's the list of those:
  •  You get increased automated comment spam 
  • You get increased spam from outsourced commenting 
  • You get increased spam from people using commenting efficiency tools
  •  You get increased spam from people using dofollow search engines
  •  You get increased spam from people using lists of dofollow blogs
  •  You get Internet Marketing Genius encouraging their interns to comment on their behalf
What will I Gain from all these things ?

I think the biggest gain is in community
  •      I don’t have to write all the content myself, my readers contribute and gain a small reward
  •     What happens when you engage a community of linkerati? They link to you more often
  •     If you gain more links, you are just sharing part of a bigger pie
  •     The tools are keyword based – people with websites covering a specific topic visit your site – maybe initially to just drop links, but it is amazing how many can be converted to regular visitors who leave constructive comments, and link to you from their own sites.
Google doesn’t give penalties just because you decide to let those providing user generated content have a little link love.

It does take a little effort, but if you haven’t got time to
  •      Read the comments left by your visitors
  •      Check out their sites
  •      Give them feedback
  •      Communicate

It's just a piece of cake from me. :D

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  1. rabsin_d October 28, 2010 at 2:20 PM
    so you're a do follow? Hehehe! You're doing well with your blog. Good job!
  2. DJ_Blondz[Blondelle] October 28, 2010 at 2:44 PM
    @rabsin: not so...thanks for the compliment
  3. Cheats S30SCI Movie December 9, 2010 at 12:38 PM
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