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Froogle DO!

Froogle was launched in beta on December 12, 2002, aloof in time for us to use it to acquisition a Rapunzel Barbie, who were badly seeking. EBay was alms the man of 25-50% over retail, so they were frustrated. With Froogle, we were able to calmly acquisition for auction at with a simple search!

Google's Killer App!

Based on the algorithm of Google and Froogle database allows you to quickly and easily find specific products for sale on the web. It also lets you search general search phrases and return the products for sale that relate to your Querry. This is where search engine optimization comes into play. Google has introduced a whole new motivation for webmasters to optimize their e-commerce sites.

In short, there is no need to surf the Internet when you are looking for a specific item of purchase. Just go to Froogle, and you'll quickly find almost all items for sale on the web.

Froogle indexes of specific item from a aggregation of e-commerce sites on the web. The chase after-effects accommodate a account of the item for auction (if available), the amount of the product, the abundance area the item is on sale, category, and a abrupt description affective from the armpit of the store.

Yes! You can chase by amount and price.

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