The effect of Manpower development and its relation to Technical Jobs

The quantum leap of the technology is the result of the numerous souls in the computer science and Information Technology Avenue who created many wonderful things that let the people embrace the technology. If you look at it, there are numbers of entrepreneurs and technopreneurs engaging to different ventures to expand their business and feel the comfort way of living.

Most of the graduates in college, go for a group huddle to erect their own business, this is where the students from the business school and related courses indulge in business enterprise to earn money at the young age. Starting young as an entrepreneur or technopreneur is a good start to join in the elite forces of the business magnates in philippine technical world.

It is true at it sense that starting a business after college is a good idea, as a matter of fact a brilliant idea, as this would propel the perspective of a strong trade and industry and proceed to a much better opportunity of success in the business turf.

A business with out skilled people surrounding the solace of small and medium enterprises and giant business moguls is a hoodwinked. Meaning, we need to develop and reform the public policy in the labor and employment, giving emphasis to the raw talents or skill of the graduates and to the professionals. Every year there are huge numbers of graduates, but problems are ballooning, no directions were instigated to the graduates after they finish their studies. 

There are companies that provide good propaganda to advertise their names, in form of relation advertisements, this is where the company links to the academe and creates partnerships to provide citadel to the institutions and assist the students in applying jobs with no definite direction. The trifocal education system is not the answer to philippine jobs hunting and middle training grounds to the skilled workers. The most important thing is to include the necessary programs in the academe as part of the elective, major or specialized subjects to incubate the students and gain insight of knowing the best of him/her to maximize his/her talents.

At start, the institution needs to involve the human resource development and include it to the student curriculum as part of the comprehensive subject. In this way, the students could prepare his/her direction on how to manage things at the middle of his/her stint in the college or university and eventually would understand the role of the human empowerment both in the public sector and private sector. This will further teach the students to gauge his/her ability by joining seminars on team building and human resource.

Technology program like outsourcing and manpower simulation at the internet needs to introduce to the students and other professionals who have low computer literacy. An advance knowledge could be a monstrous tool to substantiate his/her ability in the corporate world. 

The Business world now a days is full of competition, its useless if there are no net fibers(internet) most of the JOBS are anchored to technology, if you’re a BSBA (Business Administration Graduate) your studies is related to business information system and management information system, therefore it is imperative to study  the formation of Technology and its relation to the social awareness and development.

There could be a great number of employed people in the human index if there are skilled workers, we don’t need the vocational courses or short term projects for the technical jobs, skills needs time to have a high degree of perfection. Skills plus knowledge is a plus to develop the human resource index. It needs time and timing. Empowerment of human development is not a midnight program that would last until 1 AM in the morning. It needs a long term plan. The higher education agency needs to elaborate and introduce the importance of manpower to the industry. This could leverage the demands of Tech Jobs in the local and international scene.


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