Why Should You Focus on Google? & Why SEO is Better Than PPC for Branding?

Why Should You Focus on Google?

While Google doesn't yet have 100% market share, it does not have more than 50% share of all search engine use. That means it has a larger audience than all other search engines combined! Google also happens to have the most complex algorithm and so any site that can crack the first page of Google will likely do equally well on Yahoo!,Microsoft, and the many other search engines. With this in mind, you should focus on Google as themain priority for SEO campaign.

Why SEO is Better Than PPC for Branding

Just as we don't recommend advertising to achieve radical transparency, we don't recommend using PPC either. Search engine users are very much aware that those links appearing under headings such as "Sponsored Links" have been paid for by the company listed.  Andrew Goodman, CEO of search engine marketing firm Page Zero Media, doesn't recommend PPc for reputation building. "By and large I'd be using paid search just to conduct business as usual, " explains Goodman.

Your stakeholders have a greater level of trust in the organic search results and know that you can't simply buy your way in. Fortunately, they're also mostly unaware that those results can be influenced by SEO. If you can push positive web pages onto the first page of any search engine result page, you'll greatly increase the positive perception of you brand.

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