Make a Facebook Page for Your Small Business

Social media – everyone’s talking about it and what it can do for your business, but do you know what you’re doing? Almost 4 out of 5 people online worldwide are on Facebook, and if you’re not you’re missing out! Here we’re going to talk about how you can make your own Business Facebook page and get fans that will do your advertising for you. Let’s see how you can keep them coming back for more!

Get Your Page
You’re going to want to go to and get your page. You’ll want to:

Choose Your Category – You’ll almost always need to choose local business or place
Title Your Page – The name of your company or brand always works
Use Pictures Wisely – You’ll need a cover/timeline picture (851px x 315px) and a profile photo. Profile photos can be your logo (250px x 250px) and your cover photo should really say something about your business.
Lock-in Your URL – You need to lock down your vanity URL ( as soon as possible. If your Facebook account is new you’ll need to verify it – this is easy and best done with your business phone number.

Optimize Your Page
Now you have a shiny new Business Facebook page, but how are people going to find you? Time to optimize it and get eyeballs on the page!

Import Your Blog Posts – So you have a website but no one is visiting it…. but there’s some great information there! You can import your blog posts into Facebook – but make sure that your fans and visitors can both see them. You’ll want to hold some stuff back for fans only, but an empty page makes for a poor Facebook page.

Tie in Your Social Media Accounts – You can connect your Twitter, Linkedin and other social media accounts to Facebook and vice versa. This way all of your audience knows what’s going on with whatever your small business is doing on the web – this also encourages users to interact with you.

Fill in the About Page – Fill in all of your contact info, link to your website and write a compelling About page! If words aren’t you thing don’t be afraid to work with a professional copywriter to get things done.

The purpose of your small business fan page is going to be to get the word out there. Let your fans do the work for you, but keep them talking. If you’d like to learn more visit

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