Elaboration of 3-Way Link Building

For me there are three ways on 3 way link building, it is quite confusing and of course it always involves three domains and there is no rule on that actually, just terminology.
3 way linking involves 3 domains to build a strong linking structure, simple form of link wheeling.

  • Downstream linking:
    client site <---- supporting sites <------- web 2.0 sites (mga FFA links, articles, forums, SB, comments etc)
    • Semi-3 Way linking:
    other client site -----> linkpartner site ---- > client site
    • 3 1-way linking
    client site -----> linkpartner or web 2.0 sites 
    linkpartner or web 2.0 sites ---- > other client site
    other client site -----> client site

    Quite Effective however direct linking is more effective.

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